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MP-613 (10X + 30X  Halogen/Fluorescent)  $299


MP-613 Stereo Microscope
Price: $299

  • Adjustable diopter correction on left eyepiece  

  • Inclined binocular head for ease of viewing - head is rotatable 360 degrees  

  • Rack and Pinion gear focusing mechanism  

  • Advanced dual illumination built-in  

  • 13'' high, rugged metal construction

  • 10X wide-field eyepieces  


Portable Stereo Microscope
(No lights)

Stock Number: MP-120
Price: $119.00

  • Simple design reduces manufacturing cost, without sacrificing quality  

  • Lightweight design makes this microscope ideal for taking to coin shows  

  • Inclined binocular head for ease of viewing.  

  • 20X magnification with 10X wide-field eyepieces  

  • Rack and Pinion focusing with tension adjustment to eliminate focusing drift  

  • Slip clutch to prevent damage to the focusing system  

  • Diopter adjustment that allows for disparity between right and left eyes  

  • Rugged cast metal frame with chemical resistant resistant enamel finish for durability  


MP-600T with CCD Camera

Choose from:

MP-600 (7X + 45X Halogen/ Halogen) $599
MP-600F (7X + 45X Halogen/ Fluorescent) $599
MP-600T (7X + 45X Trinocular Halogen/ Halogen) $699
MP-600TF (7X + 45X Trinocular Hal/ Fluorescent)  $699

Stereo - Zoom Microscopes
Price: $599 to $699

  • 10X super wide-field eyepieces  

  • Infinitely variable zoom throughout the entire range  of 7- 45X  

  • Binocular head is inclined   45 degrees and rotates 360 degrees  

  • Diopter adjustments from      -5 to +5  

  • Trinocular scope has vertical ocular for photography or video microscopy  

  • Height -16''; Base 9''x 6.5''  

  • Dust Cover for storage and protection  


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